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Self-discovery is a huge part of healing and we are here to help you dig deeper. Are you are ready to discuss the tough stuff in order to get to the good stuff?

Helping you get

to the root of the issue

At Finding the Foundation, we dig beneath the surface to discover the (sometimes hidden) causes for your emotional distress. Together we explore patterns of behavior, identify beliefs and examine life choices to help you achieve a full picture of self. Through guided introspection you will begin to better understand your actions and obtain the necessary awareness to make meaningful changes in your life.

Hi, I’m Alisha

The ability to create safe space and foster dialogue that leads to your deeper understanding of self is my divine purpose and frankly, one of my favorite things to do! Have you been struggling with emotions you don't quite understand or behaviors that you just can't seem to control? Wondering why things feel simple and difficult at the exact same time? If you are an individual that appears to have it all together, yet finds yourself feeling emotionally drained and confused by your choice of coping tools- You are not alone!

At Finding the Foundation we help individuals get to the root of the issue and make effective changes in their lives by identifying patterns of behavior and strengthening self awareness. I am of the belief that doing inner work can have a tremendous impact on overall health and wellness. If you've been looking for a safe space to pause, reflect and heal, you've found the right place and your journey begins now.

“My purpose is to help you achieve your goals while traveling with you on the journey of self-discovery and resolve.”

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

How it works


Explore experiences that have shaped your personality, behavioral patterns, relationships and life choices.


Identify patterns of behavior and establish a plan of effective coping tools.


Execute the plan by applying the knowledge and skills that you’ve gained.

Our Mission

To heighten self-awareness and strengthen minds through introspective exercise and behavior modification.
In short, we believe that the better you understand yourself, the better capable you are at taking care of yourself and our goal is to help you take the very best care!

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New Moms




college student



college students


SMALL Groups

looking for your

next public speaker?

Looking for an engaging speaker who is passionate about mental health and able to create training programs unique to the concerns of your team? Alisha Woodall is exactly what you need! Her delivery of information related to mental wellness in the workspace equips participants to function more effectively; through therapeutic exercises designed to increase emotional intelligence and improve performance, she helps organizations grow stronger.

“Alisha had a welcoming approach while challenging and re-directing in effective ways. I have several sound bites that I will use in my own experiences with hard conversations. I am familiar with the thoughts, feelings, behaviors framework but her modeling in real-time brought it all together in a new way for me. I can't say enough good things.”

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