When was the last time you stopped to do a self review?

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, yet too often we tend to neglect our emotional needs with the same attention that we give our physical needs. Finding the Foundation was created to magnify the value of mental health treatment and provide quality emotional care for individuals, like yourself, seeking to better understand themselves.
Mental health services are a key component to overall wellness and receiving quality, effective therapy is just as important to our wellbeing as going to the dentist, gym, or primary care physician. Our approach to healing is holistic and involves taking care of one’s mind, body and soul, not excluding one element from the others. You will be encouraged to take a deeper look at self, identifying habits and beliefs that conflict with inner peace and challenged to examine your patterns of behavior. Through guided introspection, we help you identify effective methods to improve your mental wellness and modify behaviors.

This work is intimate and the journey is unique to each individual.

Digging Deeper
Getting Doper

Finding the Foundation was founded by Alisha Woodall, a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor with years of clinical experience. Alisha has worked with a variety of individuals in diverse settings, including residential treatment centers and outpatient facilities. Throughout her career, she has provided compassionate care to a broad selection of people, including adolescents and juveniles, adults, couples, as well as family systems and people suffering from addictions.
In addition to being a transformative therapist, Alisha is an exceptional curriculum creator, corporate trainer and professional speaker. When she isn't providing therapy you can find her talking about mental health on social media or teaching companies how to incorporate mental wellness in the office.

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