Digging Deeper
with Alisha​

The Power of Fear

In a society that promotes bravery and shames fear, many people are incapable of identifying fear within their daily lives.  We attribute fear to haunted houses and near death experiences, not recognizing that it is one of the most motivating and powerful forces on earth. While often mistaken for other, more appealing and acceptable emotions like “cautious” or “careful,” fear is actually at that base of many of our actions and life decisions.  This can be both a good and bad thing; there are situations in which the power of fear creates safety or aids in the avoidance of trauma, but there also instances in which the power of fear paralyzes growth and stunts our ability to evolve. It is within reason to say that fear can be both encouraging and debilitating; it is up to you to determine the impact that fear represents in your life and identify whether it is aiding or inhibiting your best self. Is fear pushing you toward greatness or forcing you to stand still? On a daily basis we act based on a myriad of internal fears, some openly expressed and others so deeply rooted in the subconscious we don’t realize that they exist.

      • Fear to feel pain
      • Fear to inflict pain
      • Fear that pain will be the result.
      • Fear to show your true self
      • Fear that you will be rejected
      • Fear that you will be misunderstood
      • Fear of judgment
      • Fear of loneliness
      • Fear to lose self
      • Fear of change
      • Fear of stagnation
      • Fear of complacency
      • Fear of complications
      • Fear to fail
      • Fear to succeed

When fear is the motivation (whether realized or unknown) ones true self, thoughts and desires become secondary, the primary goal being the avoidance of the above listed fears. We spend so much time watching our steps and avoiding assumed pitfalls that our caution becomes our casket. Living without fear requires a level of self trust and confidence that is only achieved when actively pursued and should not be confused with living recklessly or making ill thought decisions. A fearless life does not mean that fear is non existent, it merely means that fear does not control your behavior. Acknowledging and moving forward in spite of said fear creates the internal power that could potentially result in unforeseen wins.

What are you afraid of in this season? At this very moment in your life what are you most hopeful for and how is fear holding you back?  You might say:

 “I’m not afraid of anything, I just haven’t _______________ yet.”

Well, why not? Why is it that you know what you want and what you have to do in order to achieve it, but still find your goal unaccomplished?

    1. Identify the fear

Example: I am afraid that I will be hurt by love.

    1. Understand the fear

Example: Due to my recent divorce I am afraid to experience that level of pain again.

    1. Face the fear

Example: In order for me to experience love, I have to show love and allow love in my life.

    1. Push past the fear

Example:  Engage in meaningful relationships with others

Power lies in your ability to use fear as a fuel for greatness, instead of using it as an excuse to not evolve.  When you trust yourself enough to not only identify, understand and face your fears you allow yourself the opportunity to discover your best self. 


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