Thank you for visiting Finding the Foundation and taking the first steps toward transforming yourself and your relationships! At Finding the Foundation, we don’t just treat surface-level issues and send you on your way; we dig deeper, get to the root of the problem by increasing your awareness.


The path to self-improvement and healing is possible with the right support and we are here to support you along the way. The counseling support that we provide will empower you to be your best self and find the inner peace that you long for.  Learn More About Us

Therapy for individuals, Addison Texas


Change begins with awareness. Once you’re aware of what you do and why, you’re most capable of achieving real change in your life. If you want to learn more about yourself & the behavioral patterns that you’ve acquired over time, you could benefit from individual therapy.

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The Journey of motherhood is rewarding yet extremely difficult. Finding the Foundation offers women the special support they need during this chapter.

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Therapy and support for mothers, Addison, Texas
Couples Counseling, Marriage Therapy and Pre-marital counseling in Addison, Texas


Don’t be afraid to explore your relationship with a professional counselor! Couples counseling provides you and your significant other an opportunity to grow as a couple and discuss the difficult conversations with the help of a trained third party.

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The teenage years are tough, some would say that they’re the “toughest.” The right guidance and counsel can make a huge difference during this unique stage of life.

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Family therapy, therapy for teenagers and youth counseling





“My purpose is to help you achieve your goals, while traveling with you on the journey of self-discovery and resolve.”
– Alisha Woodall, LPC-S
Life Therapist & Doula